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Choose a Freight Forwarder

Power Packing offer a comprehensive and specialist service in vanning and devanning containers, with in excess of 20 years professional experience.

Choosing a Freight Forwarder

When moving into the world of export a business has two vital actions to undertake:

  1. Sort out your communications, both via the internet and a decent fax machine.
  2. Set up a relationship with a freight forwarder.

Step by step guide

Step one is simple and most businesses will typically have decent communications already. The second step can be a major decision and one that any potential exporter must take care when choosing.

Whether you are exporting machine components, electronics or fragile items, a freight forwarder needs to understand your business and your needs. Power Packing have been in business for a long time and understand that your needs are as individual as you are. We have ample experience in meeting the most exacting needs of our clients.

Guide to choosing a freight forwarder

1. Is the freight forwarding firm capable and reliable?
Is it a one man band sat in a office, and when he (or she) is away from the office, does everything grind to a halt? Power Packing have experts on hand, whenever you need them. You are guaranteed professional service at all time.

2. How stable are they as a freight forwarder? Is the company a ‘fly by night’ affair and likely to be gone in a few months?
Power Packing have been in business since 1888. It isn’t just that we have over twelve decades of institutional know-how to hand, but that we have been working with some clients for a long time and have earned a reputation for reliability.

3. Can the prospective freight forwarder safely and effectively handle your product? Can they manage the means by which you to ship it (either by air or sea)?
Not only can we handle all forms of transit for your cargo, but we offer a complete freight forwarding service, including experienced import brokers who can help you should you ever need to import, or even arrange to have your goods returned from overseas.

4. Do the freight forwarder have access to agents overseas in your intended market?
Over the years, we have built up a relationship with freight agents across the planet. We know how to spot a good agent and many of the agents we use have been working with us for many years. This ensures that your cargo is handled smoothly, with a minimum of delay and to your specific requirements.

5. Does the freight forwarder communicate plainly with you, taking into consideration your inexperience in the world of export?
In any field of human activity there is the tendency for jargon to creep in, freight forwarding and in fact international shipping as a whole is no different. To those not initiated in it, this can seem bewildering and many novices can feel justified in thinking that it is something of a conspiracy. We have seen a great number of export businesses start from small beginnings and we have guided them using plain English.

6. What is the timeframe for handling documentation at your freight forwarder?
Handling the paperwork is important, even in these days of instant electronic communications. We ensure a rapid turnaround time for all of your paperwork, ensuring that everything is settled rapidly and that you get paid as quickly as possible.

7. Do the freight forwarders have prior knowledge and understanding of your product and potential market?
Whatever you are exporting, we have dealt with something similar and sent it to your intended destination. Some freight forwarders only handle one type of product, or only handle to one or foreign markets. We have experience of all types of freight, fragile, bulky, valuable or hazardous.

8. Have you asked for references from the freight forwarder?
Whenever you start dealing with someone who will be crucial to your business, it is wise to check their references. We have a wide range of satisfied clients.

9. Does the freight forwarder have all the right insurance?
We understand that we are handling your livelihood and you need to have some peace of mind. To this end we not only carry all of the necessary insurance, but we are members of both the British Independent Freight Association (BIFA) and the IATA.

10. What communication facilities do the freight forwarders have?
Obviously, the key to successfully transporting goods around the world is to be able to communicate effectively and quickly with all sorts of different people. From government departments to our agents, from cargo carriers to our customers.