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Freight Forwarding

Power Packing offer a comprehensive International Freight Forwarding Service. At your disposal our experienced staff will undertake as much or as little of the paperwork and worldwide freight arrangements as required.

We can arrange for Consular work, preparation of Commercial Invoices, Bills of Exchange and the negotiation of Letters of Credit on your behalf. Successful negotiations with shipping and air lines, N.V.O.C.C. Operators and other Freight Forwarders enable us to offer sensible pricing policies.


At Power Packing, we can provide freight transportation via air, sea and road. All of our exporting and importing services are handled with care and attention, so you are guaranteed to receive all of your items damage free.

At Power Packing, we provide:

  • Road, air and sea freight shipping
  • Hazardous freight shipping
  • Worldwide transport of any product

Benefits of using our specialist services:

  • Our expert hauliers provide efficient and effective shipping
  • We at Power Packing have years of experience in freight export, allowing us to give specialist advice on the subject
  • We have a deep understanding of Global Logistics, so we can give you the best price for your shipping needs.
View our dedicated freight forwarding pages to see how we can help you