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Shipping Services

Shipping anything – anywhere.

Many people are a little wary of putting anything on a ship, in the hope that it will arrive at its intended destination. Not so much that it will be waylaid by poor weather or pirates, but simply that they are concerned it will get lost.Whether you are a business looking to ship products abroad, or are an individual moving abroad and wanting to take your prized possessions to new shores, Power Packing offer a reliable shipping service. Our experience and expert freight packing service means that you are guaranteed a professional service every time.

Commercial Shipping

Arranging for your goods to be despatched around the world is a nightmare for the uninitiated, we can handle as much of the work as you like.

As well as offering a complete freight forwarding service. Our experience and professionalism speaks for itself and we are able to work to your requirements and individual needs.

International Moves

Many people only move abroad once, and we can make the move as smooth and simple as possible. The inflated prices of homes in the UK means that many people look to foreign climes for affordable housing.

Having all of your possessions boxed up, loaded into a container and then shipped off can be something which many people are wary of. To put you at ease we are highly proficient at shipping anything from place to place, we only use reliable, reputable carriers and we are fully insured.