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Freight Packing

At Power Packing we pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer. Our policy is to provide the best Export Packing service tailored to each clients individual requirements. Packing is of British and International standards.

We specialise in packing out of gauge cargo. In-house facilities include dock leveller to handle freight, ensuring loading and unloading is fast and efficient.

Are you importing from the UK?

When purchasing in the UK, Power Packing can save you money on packing and freight.

Power Packing pack consignments ranging from less than a kilo to over 100 tonnes. Your requirements will be assessed to ensure cargo is packed appropriately using the most up to date materials available, including guarding against corrosion, shock damage, moisture and water ingress.

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At Power Packing, our packers are dedicated to delivering a professional service. All of our packers are experienced, allowing them to make important decisions to get your items across the globe safely and damage free.

At Power Packing, we offer:

  • In house packing
  • On site packing
  • Export and overseas packing

Benefits of using our specialist services:

  • Our packaging is suitable for fragile materials
  • Our packaging has been designed to be waterproof and moisture resistant, keeping your valuables safe and secure from water damage
  • We can provide specialist packaging to transport hazardous products overseas