Our History

Established in 1888, Power Packing first began its stride into the shipping industry over 130 years ago into a place much tougher and manual than the world we all know today. Shipping at that time was driven mainly by cargo ships, horse & carts, and many other forms of transport available at the time. This drive in industry gave the general population the chance to experience the foods and products produced by up-and-coming nations all over the world such as coffee, spices, rice, wooden sculptures, pottery and many other types of goods for us to enjoy.

Now in the 21st century, global shipping has become a phenomenon in its own right. Shipments can now be delivered anywhere on the globe within just a few days, and we now have access to many different and cost-effective modes of transport via Road, Air and Sea freight. Shipping can now be customized based on your specific time frame and your costs; the possibilities are endless. Small and fragile Items, to industrial machines weighing many tons, we’ve done it all. The fact we’re still around to testament to our quality and the services we provide, for commercial and personal shipments alike.


The Beginning of Power Packing in 1888, Cargo at that time was being powered by horse and carts, and shipping could only be afforded by the merchants and the wealthy.


1920’s more cargo was being carried via ships; this was the very early beginnings of cargo being carried by third parties to people all over the world.


The 1950’s brought about the invention of the container ships, and the Vietnam war further pushed the need for huge cargo shipments for military uses and proved the need for such ships for the general population.


The 1980’s saw cargo shipping grow like never before, air and road freight only added to this exponential growth, the shipping industry was maturing in a big way.


2020’s is the latest and most technologically advanced time, with automation + tracking giving individual people the power to track cargo anywhere on earth with real time updates while in transit.