We deal in auctions all over the United Kingdom from art, antique, machinery, and biopharma and many more. Once we’ve collected your auction lots, we’re able pack and send all over the United Kingdom, Europe, USA or any other country that you specify.

The type of shipments we send out range from small packages, multiple pallets bound for Europe, to completely bespoke crates that’ll be shipped overseas. All cargo is hand-prepared, packed and shipped using our 130+ years of knowledge.

The choice is endless.

For a quick quotation feel free to use our E – Quotation service, no account needed or alternatively, you can contact us via email, or phone using the links found below.

Why choose us our auction services?

Growth. We work hand-in-hand with an ever-growing list of our clients right across the world that trust us to bring them their goods in a safe and timely manner.

Covered. We can take care of the entire shipping process for you, from collection, packing, documents and transport.

Experience. We’ve successfully sent out 1,000’s of individual shipments’ over the years and will continue this dedication and effort for many years in the future.

Rates. By using our services, we can deliver you the best rates possible, whilst giving you a seamless shipping service.

Quality. We only use the best quality materials for durability and functionality; all our timber is up to ISMP-15 standard for international regulations and safety.