Why do you need your shipments packed? Most cargo/transport firms will not accept goods unless they are packed and secured correctly, and with regulations being different from country to country it’s vitality important your shipments are handled with the best care, knowledge and experience available.

For the more technical shipments, we’re more than happy to come and talk though the steps to get your shipments prepared, packed and shipped to any location on earth by creating a plan of shipment (POS).

Once complete, we can deliver you the best prices by using our contacts in the industry and draw on our 130+ years of experience.

For a quick quotation feel free to use our E – Quotation service, no account needed or alternatively, you can contact us via email, or phone using the links found below.

Why choose our packing services?

Safety. The corner stone of our packing service is for the safety and protection of your cargo at all stages throughout its transit time.

Proven track record. We’ve packed and shipped countless cargos over our 130+ years, from 1kg – 30+ ton and everything in-between .

Range. We work with all different businesses and people, from small independent businesses up to the UK’s leading manufactures.

Protection from the elements. When your cargo is packed correctly, this gives you great protection from the outside world, we can even place the cargo into a water-tight sealed vacuum bag for maximum protection from water and moisture for the more delicate shipments.

Consolidated. We can consolidate your cargo into a single shipment, and when packed correctly, this can many bring many benefits such as a smaller footprint size of the shipment, reduced chance of losing a piece of cargo, and also further cost benefits overall.