Sea Freight

Sea Freight is the best for big and bulky items, even smaller shipments can be handled by sea freight, or if you just simply want the cheapest option for your shipments. Shipment can be collected directly from the port or loaded onto a truck to make the final journey.

Containers can be filled with cases, pallets, or even loose items if they are secured down safely and correctly, and if packed correctly, these shipments can often be stacked, saving even more space and ultimately costs.

Nothing is out of reach 

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Why choose our sea freight services?

Costs. Sea freight is by far the cheapest option for your cargo, and with our established partnerships we can get even better rates by going directly to the shipping line.

Networks. We can send your cargo to any port in the UK and ship directly to your nearest port, outbound for onward transportation or collected from the port itself.

Volume. Sea freight is best option for large cargo volumes, you can even ship smaller cargo via sea freight, it’s entirely flexible.

FCL (Full Container Loads) & LCL (Less than Container Loads). We can move your cargo in a dedicated container, or we can include your cargo with other cargo at reduced costs if your cargo is smaller than a standard container size.

Security. Shipping cargo via sea freight is extremely secure and safe, with containers being locked, and a crew dedicated to looking after your cargo whilst in transit.