Commercial Storage

Commercial storage is slowly becoming more and more important in the modern world, commercial businesses wanting storage space for stock and industrial machines. Storage is allowing people to expand their lives and business all without the expensive start-up costs. 

With 2x warehouses totalling over 10,000+ square feet of space, you can be rest assured your storage needs will be met and will be kept in a secure location for your chosen term length. 

For a quick quotation feel free to use our E – Quotation service, no account needed or alternatively, you can contact us via email, or phone using the links found below

Why choose our commercial storage services?

Space. With 10,000+ sqft of space, you can be rest assured we have the space that you need for your commercial storage needs

Secure. All our storage is held in our secure gated compounds under lock and key for maximum security and safety

Terms lengths. We offer various term lengths for your storage needs. ranging from 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. If you need longer or anything more specific, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help out

Rates. Our rates are extremely competitive when compared to other storage solutions, we’re dedicated to giving you our best rates for your storage

Flexibility. 1 pallet, 1-year term, 3-month term, 5 Machines? We’re able to match your flexibly every step of the way and provide as much or as little storage space as you require