Air Freight

Air freight is perfect for those who want their shipments delivered in a fast and efficient manner, and with most places being accessible around the globe within 8 – 12 hours this means airfreight can often offer the best route to take. We offer both courier and traditional airfreight services, by using airfreight directly this only further reduces the costs for both the supplier and the consumer, the sky really is the limit.

By using our contacts and knowledge we can deliver you the best prices, and at better rates than anywhere else.  

For a quick quotation feel free to use our E – Quotation service, no account needed, or alternatively you can contact us via email, or phone using the links found below.

Why choose our air freight services?

Speed. Most airports are accessible around the globe within 8 – 12 hours, if you want speed then our airfreight services are for you.

Tracked. Our airfreight services are tracked at all times by our staff, allowing us to give you a clear picture at every stage of the journey.

Documents. We can complete all documents for export and import, including customs clearance to get your shipments from A-B, and beyond.

On-time. Delays can happen, but with airfreight it is extremely rare, and most shipments arrive on time, and within the planned schedule.

Shipment Security. Because airfreight cargo security is so tightly regulated this can bring cost benefits on insurance, and also risk of theft or damage is hugely reduced.